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      1. China BeaBang Machinery(CBM) >> Home >> News >> requirement for the material groove of vibrating feeder

        requirement for the material groove of vibrating feeder

        Dustproof cover can be set between vibrating feeder and the chute, and a cover board can be set on the material slot to prevent dust. There should be a certain swimming gap between the feed and the discharging chute which is combined with the feeding slot in the vibrating feeder. Do not touch the vibrating feeder so as to avoid the vibration of the feeder and the noise.

        The material slot of the vibrating feeder is not allowed to have excessive pressure on the slot, otherwise the amplitude of the feeder will be reduced and the delivery speed of the material will be reduced.

        When the vibrating feeder is installed to the location, the direction of the slot in the slot should be checked, otherwise the material will be offset in the course of the delivery .

        The silo is not allowed to unload, and a certain amount of material should be kept to prevent the impact of the material on the material slot.

        The connecting screw of the feeder slot and the connecting fork has loosened or destroyed the pressure of the machine and reduced the amplitude. The output is normal, but the current is too high.

        The design of the slot outlet of the silo is not appropriate, so that the tank body is subjected to too much pressure.

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