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                  • sand maker

                  sand maker

                  sand maker,sand making machine

                  Sand Marking Machine is used for crushing, pebble, andesite, granite etc into manufactured sand by dry method. This series sand marking machine consists of body, feeding tube, impacting plate. vertical shaft rotor and motor,The impaction plate is made from special high-Cr cast with high wearing property, fastening without bolts. easier replacing. Equipped with air circling unit reducing dust discharging. The rotor fitted with wearing pad to prolong service life, to reduce quantity of damageable parts and to reduce running cost. The high speed rotor is balanced to realize lower noise and lower vibration.

                  The material to be crushed is fed into machine from the feed opening of top,and fall down onto the central section of rotor rotating with high speed.Then is thrown out with high speed by the strong centrifugal force of rotor .colliding with the impacting plate and crushed.The installed impacting plate shall be colliding with material to be crushed in right angle giving full play of excellent crushing performance.The manufactured sand with proper size is discharging out below the machine.

                  Excellent crushing performance
                  Low running cost:Less damageable parts.Long service life of damageable parts(made from special high-Cr cast iron or hard alloy).Impacting plate may be adjusted and up side-down remounted.so the productivity higher.Easily replacing of damageable parts;
                  Environment friendly:Lower noise and lower vibration.Less dust discharging out.

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