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                • clinker conveyor

                clinker conveyor

                clinker conveyor manufacture,exporter


                Clinker conveyor for conveying powder and bulk material, especially suitable for high temperature, large capacity, large blocks, with sharp edges and Pondering of solid material, not suitable for conveying sticky lines too much material.

                Characteristics of clinker conveyor:
                (1) low cost: the traction chain is separated from the bearing chain, and the structure is simple;
                (2) long service life: reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance;
                (3) driving power: rolling friction instead of sliding friction. Drag reduction, power consumption reduced by 50%;
                (4) good sealing: loading and unloading part is provided with a sealing device and a dust removal port, improve the working environment;
                (5) layout and use of flexible forms: users can choose according to their own characteristics. The maximum angle less than 35 degrees, the material temperature are less than 700. Charles road can be configured to use (must be equipped with a transitional device).

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