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                            • Heavy plate feeder

                            Heavy plate feeder

                            3d只选一注高手预测Heavy plate feeder provider,heavy duty apron feeder supplier

                            3d只选一注高手预测Heavy plate feeder is the auxiliary equipment of transport machinery, the aircraft in the large-scale concentrator broken grading workshop and cement, building materials and other departments. Heavy-duty slat feeder is used as a silo for continuous and uniform feeding of the primary crusher and can also be used for short-distance transport of material with larger particle size and specific gravity. Heavy plate feeder can be installed horizontally, can also be tilted to install, the maximum inclination of 12 degrees. In order to avoid direct blow to the material feeder, the silo does not appear to empty the state.

                            Heavy plate feeder is divided into the right type transmission and the left type transmission according to the transmission way, the material running direction, the transmission system on the right side of the machine for the right type transmission, otherwise the left type transmission.

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