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                            1. Borisbang Industrial Technology(BIT) >> Home >> products >> Vibrating screen >> Efficient vibrating screen
                              • Efficient vibrating screen

                              Efficient vibrating screen

                              Efficient vibrating screen, vibration screen

                              Efficient vibrating screen


                              Efficient vibrating screen is eccentric block, rotor shaft and other centrifugal rotation, the host in the spring to achieve full support under the vibration, in order to achieve the purpose of screening materials. Efficient vibrating screen widely used in mining, building materials, road and bridge, metallurgy and other related industries. Efficient vibrating screen with 4 sets of eccentric combination, 10000 knot synchronous operation to achieve the best vibration effect.
                              Efficient vibrating screen mainly by the spring base, rotating spindle, pulley, screen, aggregate, tire couplings, eccentric block, bearings, excitation wall, screen box, motor. The machine structure is simple and easy to maintain.
                              can sieve stone, sand, but also screening cinder, slag, lime. Coal, energy, building materials, road and bridge, building anti-corrosion, and other related industries. The main products are crushing equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher and high-efficiency sand making machine.
                              1.The spring base can freely adjust the inclination of the vibrating screen;
                              2. The motor uses the tire type coupling, avoids the electrical machinery when starts because of the twisting and damage;
                              3. Using the eccentric exciter, exciting force is relatively strong;
                              4. Spring base can reduce the vibration of the vibrating screen body, parts to reduce the pressure to normal operation;
                              5. The use of high-strength bolts integrated connection process, so that the screen in high-vibration under the life of more durable and difficult to break;
                              6. Vibration-resistant wall installed in the wear-resistant block, reducing the vibration of the wall wear, durable;
                              7. The screen has three layers, making the material screen more detailed
                              8. Screen with bolts to suppress the whole, easy to replace

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