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                          2. Borisbang Industrial Technology(BIT) >> Home >> products >> Vibrating screen >> Large circular vibrating screen
                            • Large circular vibrating screen

                            Large circular vibrating screen

                            Large circular vibrating screen, Circular Vibro Screens

                            Large circular vibrating screen 

                            Large circular vibrating screen trajectory for the round, a total of six series of specifications, for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical and other departments for dry classification of materials used. Large circular vibrating screen is in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced screening machine YA series circular vibrating screen technology based on the successful development of the two-motor drive between the two shafts through the tooth belt connection to keep the two-axis synchronization operation. When the woven mesh size is less than 25mm, there is rapping ball under the screen.
                            Screen machine with advanced structure, vertical solid durability, low noise and vibration, not easy to plug holes, high processing capacity, maintenance and so on.

                            Selected notes
                            Screen machine monolayer bilayer;
                            Mesh structure can be woven mesh and punching sieve;
                            The motor can be mounted to the right or left, without the requirement according to the installation of the installation;
                            Motor with rated voltage 380V, rated voltage explosion-proof motor available or different, such as the selection of the ordering please specify;
                            Feeding box is selected, if the user is not required, according to the normal installation of supply, not co feeding box;
                            For users of the more variable screen surface structure or the technical performance of non - standard product design;
                            The foundation bolts are owned by the user, maintenance and so on.

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