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                              1. Borisbang Industrial Technology(BIT) >> Home >> products >> Vibrating screen >> Mine uniaxial vibrating screen
                                • Mine uniaxial vibrating screen

                                Mine uniaxial vibrating screen

                                Mine uniaxial vibrating screen, vibratory sieve, single-shaft vibrating screen

                                Mine uniaxial vibrating screen is a circular motion for the vibrating screen. For black, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic mineral secondary or independent screening operations for medium-grained grading purposes. Screening machine with rubber sieve for coke material classification effect is particularly good, simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operation, high screening efficiency, through the screen, good performance. 
                                Mine uniaxial movement round, the series has a total of seventeen clock specifications, available for mining, coal, electric power, building, chemical industry and other departments of medium grain material dry classification for screen with rubber sieve plate classification effect on coke material, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient repair, operation reliable, high screening efficiency,
                                Working principle
                                3d只选一注高手预测Mine uniaxial vibrating screen from the original screen box, vibrator, spring and other components. The sieve box uses welded structure, strong and reliable, in addition to the central part of the vibrator spindle out of eccentricity, the two ends of the spindle can be adjusted eccentric weight of the eccentric wheel, or both ends of the shaft also made eccentric reload Adjustable eccentric weight of the oval wheel. The electric motor drives the vibrator through the triangular glass belt, the drive shaft rotates at a certain speed, so the eccentric shaft and the eccentric mass produce the inertial force, under the action of this force, the screen box makes the approximate circular movement, the spring is the support sieve box use, Reducing the sieve in the operation of the power transmitted to the foundation. The dampers are mounted laterally on the spring seat. Limit the screen for horizontal swing and reduce the resonance of the screen when the amplitude.

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