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                  2. Sand maker machine,hammer crusher,wheel sand washing machine professional customer support

                    At China BorisBang Machinery (BBM), We listen to you, take your needs and wishes into account and we will work together to find the optimal solution for you.

                    Trial run:
                    3d只选一注高手预测Before any machine leaves our site, it will be tested thoroughly. The vibration data are measured and recorded, so that you can be assured that the machine will reliably fulfil its function from day one onwards.

                    3d只选一注高手预测In case of an emergency, you can reach us via our hotline seven days a week, around the clock. You can rely on us as your competent partner when it comes to the deployment of a service technician, the supply of spare parts or to provide technical advice in case of problems, also outside of usual office hours.

                    Spare parts:
                    3d只选一注高手预测We store a wide range of different spare parts. This enables us to react quickly to customer needs. Specialty parts that are not kept in stock are provided by our service department in a very short time. When purchasing parts, we rely on reputable and reliable partners.

                    If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us:

                    E-mail:[email protected]


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